Jordan B. Peterson on Sustainability and Taking Practical Steps

Griffith Littlehale
2 min readApr 9, 2021

With a focus on digital art, Griffith Robert “Griff” Littlehale excels in creating works that range from event posters to business logos. Griffith Littlehale has a longstanding interest in philosophy and enjoys the works of classical thinkers, as well as contemporary figures such as psychologist and author Jordan B. Peterson.

One issue addressed by Peterson in a rapidly changing world is sustainability, and how humans can contribute to creating a more positive future. He asserts that society must first fight back against tendencies toward apathy and “doom and gloom.” With a humanistic attitude in place, one should strive to take individual responsibility, rather than simply placing blame on forces larger than oneself. As Peterson puts it, first look closely at one’s own inadequacies and flaws, and then begin building oneself up as a more capable individual who can take a role of community leadership.

Peterson also emphasizes the importance of pragmatism and selecting causes that one can actually influence. This may require a mindset of looking at a short time horizon and immediate returns, where actions taken now have a profound effect. A sustainability example that he points to is overfishing and the challenge of ocean management. He defines this as an issue with definite end-goal solutions, that will not take care of itself unless people work to change the status quo. As Peterson describes it, it is a “solvable problem with potentially proper interventions.”

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Griffith Littlehale

An alumnus of St. Francis de Sales School in Toledo, Ohio, Griffith Robert “Griff” Littlehale graduated in the top 8 of his class.